Logo Design

Logo Designs: Use a DIY Websites or Hire a Graphic Designers?



We recognize all human beings and animals by looking at their face we can recognize a business by looking at its logo that is also known as the trade mark of a company. there are thousands of companies in the market that have these trademarks but all of them do not have the qualities that make them stand out among a crowd and get recognized easily. The best logos are the ones that have something special or unique in them that attracts the attention of every viewer. Some logos are designed so well that only a glimpse of them can force a person to remember them for a long time. to get such logos designed you always need help of highly qualified and trained people who know the significance of a logo in the brand recognition of a company.

A well-thought of logo designers always have the power to pull a huge clientele to your business. If you have a look, at the most popular brands of the world like Apple, Louis Vuitton, Nike and many other brand logos of food chains and soft drinks, you will find that the efforts they make for advertising their products are much lower as compared to their popularity level. The reason behind this increased level of sales is the most effective brand logos. You should bring some points into consideration before you get your brand logo designed.



Types Of The Trademarks

There are several different types of logos that the big brands use as their trademark. Some use a single colored logo and some have multicolored, some use letters and others use images. The following are the most popular types of the logo designs getting recognition in the market.

Logos Made With Words

The logos that are made as simple words that are mostly freestanding and do not need any embellishment at all. These logos are made with single structure, size and color some big examples for such logos are the world famous companies like IBM, CNN and last but not the least Facebook.

Letter Logos

One more type of logos is the logos made with letters that are either used in ascending order or descending order. The height of uppercase letters and lowercase letters is different. The most well- known examples for this are Godard, HP and DC and many more.

Abstract Logos

Many logos that we see in the market do not seem to be related to a specific company message a specific background or a logo, these logos are known as abstract logos. Usually these are the graphic images and textures.

Picture Logos

There are many companies that like their logo design to be designed as pictures or silhouettes of images. There are some big brands like Starbucks and twitter that have such images that have taken them to the height of success. In these logos the logo represents a special figure that tells the purpose of your business, such logos are known as pictorial logos.


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